Water treatment

Within the enormous field of possible water treatments, in many processes electrochemistry is applied. Examples are desalination, electro dialysis, electro flotation and electro oxidation. IAT can manufacture anodes for these applications, each with its own specific coating. IAT can supply Iridium-Tantalum based MMO (Mixed Metal Oxide), Ruthenium based MMO and platinised Titanium.

Iridium-Tantalum is being used for instance in advanced oxidation processes, where specific components in the water are being oxidised. This type of coating is resistant against an oxidative environment. Ruthenium based MMO is typically used when chlorine needs to be produced out the present chlorides in the water. Ruthenium based MMO is well known for its ability to form chlorine. Platinum is being used for instance due to legislation, when other type of coating are not approved, drinking water as an example.

IAT can consult you in your choice for the correct anode for the specific application, whether it is a MMO based anode or platinised titanium, based upon your specifications and drawings.