Cathodic protection

Steel constructions which are in contact with (sea)water will start to corrode at some point. In order to prevent this, the object can be protected by means of cathodic protection. Hereby the steel object is connected as a cathode and an anode is introduced in the system to close the electrical loop. This can be done with sacrificial anodes, made out of Zinc, Magnesium or Aluminium, where this material is less noble than the steel and therefore corrodes faster than the steel, hence the name sacrificial. This method can be improved and monitored if the anode is polarised electrically with an external current. In this case it is known as ICCP, impressed current Cathodic Protection, and the anode is known as an insoluble anode. IAT recommends this type, and manufactures a variety of these insoluble anodes for ICCP applications. These can de found on land, such as pipe lines in soil or carbonaceous backfill, or at sea, such as off shore steel structures. Also ICCP is used to protect the rebar material in concrete.

Land based

IAT manufactures anodes for ICCP applications. In many cases the anode is tubular, often 1” in diameter, but other dimensions and shapes are of course possible. In practically all cases an Iridium-Tantalum MMO coating is chosen, which has proven itself in the industry for many yeas. This is an important feature, given the long expected and required service life time of such an ICCP system. The anode consists of Iridium-Tantalum MMO coated Titanium.


IAT manufactures anodes for protection of the steel rebar material in concrete structures. Given the log expected an required life time, a reliable and proven concept is selected, namely Iridium-Tantalum coated Titanium. Usually a small size expanded metal is selected, the so called ribbon mesh, but also wire is possible. The ribbon mesh is coated with Iridium-Tantalum MMO.


IAT manufactures anodes for the protection of steel structures in sea water, such as sheet piles and quay walls, windmills and oil riggs, and also ships. The majority is made with Iridium-Tantalum MMO, but also platinised Titanium will function. IAT manufactures these anodes based upon customer drawing, where there a numerous varieties, for instance bar shaped anodes for windmills and quay walls, and circular and elliptical discs, which are mounted into the ship hull. In many cases an Iridium-Tantalum MMO coating is selected, but also Platinised Titanium anodes are possible.